Gong fu teapot is a very special tea utensil which plays the central part in the so called “Gong fu” tea ceremony. Besides gaiwan, the small tea cup for bathing the tea, gong fu teapot is crucial for succesive preparing and serving the green, black and the oloong teas. The basic function of the Gong fu teapot is to bath the tea leaves and stimulate them to successively develop all the hidden flavors and scents. Other very important aspect of the Gong fu teapot is to provoke the aesthetic evaluation by the unique shape and the color of the clay.

The gong fu teapots can be of various varieties. From very tiny, to bigger ones. Among the most famous gong fu teapots are Yixing teapots. Made from “zisha” purple colored clay they offer various inspiring forms. Yixing teapots are in a way insight into Chinese history as well. They have been namely produced already around 10th century.