About Us

ChinaHint mainly deals in retails and wholesales of Chinese tea-drinking-related products, such as teapots, gaiwan, teacups, tea trays and canisters of fine arts. Most of them are handmade with unique craftwork.  After years of research and preparation it was finally founded by two young men with great love and keen insight on Chinese pottery arts and tea culture. Not only do they like doing business, but also they like promoting traditional Chinese culture.

Mark, from Jindezhen, porcelain capital of China, has been attracted by various kinds of china since he was a kid. His father, grandfather and great grandfather are porcelain craftsmen. With fine appreciation and deep love to porcelain arts he chose to work in an international company mainly engaging in exporting chinaware after graduation from university. From that he got a more intimate knowledge of Chinese porcelain products and established good relations with suppliers of good reputation in China.

James, from Anxi, Fujiang province, the hometown of Chinese tea, is a true lover of Chinese tea and tea culture. From dawn to dusk, Spring to Winter, day by day, and year on year, he never stops drinking tea and doing Chinese tea culture research. It may sound a little exaggerated to you, but that is true for him. He was born in a countryside, where tea gardens are everywhere half way up the green mountains. Tea farmers had been planting and making tea for generations. And he didn't remember when he started loving tea. Now he's got a habit. Every time when he goes back to his hometown, he would like to get up early in the morning and take a deep breath in the mountains everyday. At that time he says he's got totally relaxed and feels most energetic, and thinks very clearly. With years of online to offline experience in tea selling he’s made a lot of friends from home and abroad. Surprisingly, some European and American friends always complain that original Chinese tea of good quality is available online today, but tea set is not so satisfactory. One day he talked about it with his old friend Mark by chance. However, not surprisingly, both of them thought it was a very good idea to sell genuine Chinese tea wares abroad; and as a result Chinahint was established. Yes, that’s Chinahint, MJ’s Chinahint, owned by two perfect Chinese business partners.

With their professional insight and good relations with suppliers products of the best quality and the most competitive price in China can be guaranteed.